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Fragrance Products

"The Scent-It Palette" products can be used in many different ways! The list below will give you some great ideas for the many possibilities.

Scented Product Variety

Custom Air Fresheners

  • Advertisements
  • Air Fresheners (Cars, Lockers and more)
  • Announcements
  • Book Marks
  • Bounce Backs
  • Brochures
  • Coupons
  • Door Hangers
  • Drawer Liners
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Fragrance Booklets
  • Fragrance Cards - Singles
  • Gift Cards
  • Greeting Cards (Corporate or Personal)
  • Hand-outs
  • Invitations (Promo's and Special Events)
  • Postcard Formats
  • Package Inserts
  • Product Packaging
  • Publication Inserts
  • Punch Cards
  • Sachets
  • Scented Blotters
  • Scented Bracelets
  • Stationary
  • Stickers

Choose From a Wide Variety of Scent Delivery Formats

These scented formats are made with a variety of fragrance products such as: Scented Coatings that emit scent automatically, Scratch & Sniff (Rub & Smell) which needs activation, scented stickers/labels, and Snap & Burst flap formats that you normally see used for fragrance Ads in magazines. Depending on your requirements, we can help you select a Scent Sampling Format that will best fit your needs.

We can manufacture a wide variety of Scented Formats to provide consumers with accurate Scent Samples of your product fragrances. These formats differ by how the fragrance is formulated, based on how they are intended to be scent-sampled by consumers.

"Forever Fragrant" Peel-back Label - USPS APPROVED for Direct Mail!
Our patent pending Forever Fragrant labels are perfect for your direct mail efforts, as well as other uses for Marketing and Advertising. Forever Fragrant labels are USPS approved for Direct Mail, and can be used even on the outside of any mail piece without incurring additional postal charges.

The Forever Fragrant label contains and preserves your product fragrance, until the consumer peels-back the top label ply. This simple interaction engages the consumer immediately, and initiates commitment by piquing their interest.

When the top label ply is peeled back, it ruptures the micro fragrance capsules, and delivers an accurate rendition of your fragrance sample. Easy and effective!

Unlike the old technology, the Forever Fragrant label offers more area for fragrance, and provides a truer scent rendition. Fragrance labels with old technology use adhesive between the two ply, to hold the label closed and offer reseal-ability. Unfortunately, the adhesive takes up valuable space, where more fragrance can be used. In addition, the smell of the adhesive may be detected by consumers who have a more acute sense of smell.

Forever Fragrant labels do not require adhesive to hold the label closed, or offer additional sampling. Our technology was designed to provide multi-scent samplings, without the need (or ambient scent) of adhesives.

As Forever Fragrant labels comply with postal regulations, they do not need to be contained within a direct mail piece or envelope. They can be used on the outside of any mail piece such as a postcard or brochure, without incurring additional postal cost. They can either be printed with your preferred copy, or made transparent for application over your pre-printed media, to allow the graphics on the printed piece to show through.

You can choose from one of our standard shapes and sizes, or create your own. Supply us with your own essential fragrance oils, or select one from our vast scent library. We will also work with you to help develop a special fragrance.

The fragrance oil in the old technology labels will eventually erode through its micro capsules while being stored in inventory for an extended period of time, making the labels useless. The fragrance reaction will also start to develop a cloudy and unappealing appearance as they age, which is not acceptable in any standard of quality. Forever Fragrant labels will last long after the old technology, without clouding or fragrance erosion.

Forever Fragrant labels are a perfect Scent Marketing tool for use in various markets. So feel free to take advantage of bulk pricing, and load up your inventory. This would also give you an advantage when working with projects that require quick turn-around delivery schedules!

Scented Varnish; Rub & Smell, Scratch & Sniff
An encapsulated fragrance product that is printed or screened over select areas in advertisements, that requires interaction by rubbing or scratching to engage the fragrance. This product technology allows consumers the opportunity to sample product fragrances, or connect with other marketing themes.

Snap & Burst
Fragrance flap formats which are most commonly used for publication inserts that are either bound-in or loose blow-ins, where a paper flap is pulled back to reveal the scent sample. These types of inserts are usually found in Magazines and Catalog publications, Newspapers and Package Inserts, as well as hand-outs.

Fragrance Labels
Fragrance labels can be manufactured as Scratch & Sniff or “Peel to Reveal”, and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Air Fresheners
The Air Freshener product emits fragrance automatically without any interaction. Printed, scented, and die-cut with an elastic string attached, they are then packaged in a clear bag and attached to a header card that is printed, folded and die cut. Most commonly used for Lockers and Vehicles.

Scent-It® Coatings
Scent coatings are applied to paper formats in a variety of methods, and emit fragrance automatically. This product technology lends itself to Fragrance Blotters, Scented Wrist Bracelets, Drawer Liners, and Greeting Cards. Scent coated items can be packaged individually or in bulk. Scent-It® Coatings allow the fragrance to emit automatically without consumer interaction such as Rubbing or Scratching. Essential fragrance oils are infused with the paper fibers of your printed media, adding another dimension to your Marketing & Advertising efforts. Through the natural process of evaporation, the fragrance will slowly emit automatically from the printed media, and attract consumers more effectively. They will be influenced by the Power of Scent Marketing!

The Scent-It Palette has developed versatile methods of fragrance application, which will allow us to fragrance any printed piece for you, whether it’s printed with (UV) Ultra Violet inks, or Offset Inks. Depending on your project quantity and budget, Scent-It® Coatings can be applied via Silk Screen, or Roller Coating Equipment.

Scent-coated pieces can later be packaged individually or in bulk with Scent Barrier film such as reseal-able bags or pouches. This special packaging will help prevent the air from getting in and the fragrance getting out, and ultimately help keep the fragrance fresh while sustaining its level of intensity.

Scent Barrier Coated Envelopes
To comply with USPS postal regulations, you can use our Scent Barrier Coated Envelope to mail your scented media. This is a simple solution which will accommodate the USPS non pre odor mail requirements, and successfully get your scented mail pieces delivered.

These special envelopes have a coating applied to the inside of the pocket, which essentially creates a blocking layer across the surface of the paper. The scent barrier coating will help overcome the USPS restrictions by containing the scent of the mail piece, while it also helps keep your fragrance fresh.

Scent Barrier Coated Envelopes can be ordered from our inventory stock, or made special according to your specifications for printing, envelope size and paper type.

Scent Barrier - Envelope Sleeves
Another option for mailing scented media in compliance with the USPS rules and regulations, is our Scent Barrier Envelope Sleeve. It’s a transparent sleeve that has a reseal-able flap. The scented media is first placed inside the transparent sleeve, then inserted into the envelope.

This can be an economical alternative for projects of small quantity, that require an envelope size or type that is not in stock.

Scent Barrier Sleeves will keep your fragrance fresh, while increasing the sense of value-added for your mail recipients. The appearance of the extra special Insert will add to the experience, and create a stronger impact for your Scent Marketing efforts.

The Scent-It Palette continues to develop new and exciting scent delivery systems that are effective and economical.

There are so many great ways we can help you stand out from the rest!